Faculty: Introduction to file share network drives

Once you are given your MyWestern Account, you will have access to the following network drives:
  • H Drive: individual file space.
  • K Drive: the common drive that all faculty members in your department have access to.
  • S Drive: class-specific software is stored in this location. All students and faculty have access to this software.
  • X Drive: a drive set up to share documents between students and faculty/staff. Students are able to submit electronic documents to their professors. Departments can share documents with their student employees.

Accessing these Drives

  • Log onto your workstation with your Windows account. Let the system start up. Do not close out of any windows.
  • Double click on My Computer (located on desktop or select it from Start menu).
  • A window will appear containing all of your drives.
If you have problems accessing your drives, call the Information Technology & Innovation Help Desk at 203 837-8467 for support.

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