Voice Telecommunications


Voice Telecommunications services are provided collaboratively by Connecticut State University System Office (CSUSO) and Western Information Technology & Innovation Personnel.


Voice communication and other dial tone services (fax, dial modem, etc.) are provided via a CSUSO owned and managed Avaya Definity PBX. The CSU telecommunications system consists of five telecommunications switches (PBXs), located at CCSU, ECSU, SCSU, WCSU and the CSU System Office. The switches are networked together to provide 5 digit dialing for campus to campus calls as well as cost effective in-state calling.  Some key features of the system include:

PBX nodes are located on both Western campuses.
The PBX is connected to the other CSU schools as well as our wide area service providers, by an advanced fiber optic wide area network (WAN).
The combination of local PBX and advanced WAN services provides a highly responsive and cost-effective telecommunications platform for the university.

System Management

Local provisioning and administration of voice services is managed by Information Technology & Innovation Personnel. Those services include:

  • Voice telephone service
  • Voicemail
  • Fax Line service
  • Enhanced call processing (caller menu and call routing)
  • Audio conference services
  • Dial tone service for environmental, alarm, or credit card swipe or ATM services

How To - Request Service

All requests for telecommunications service (new service, changes to service or equipment, moves, disconnects, name changes, etc) are initiated via the Telecommunications Service Request Form (TSR).  TSRs must be reviewed and approved by your department head prior to submission. Please contact your department Secretary or designated representative for assistance in completing a TSR.

How To - Place Calls

The PBX system uses a five digit dialing plan. To reach another extension, dial the five digit extension number(last five digits of the telephone number). An extension user  at any of the CSU school can be reached by dialing their five digit extension

Call Type



Emergency                 911
On Campus                 5 digit extension number
Off Campus                 9+ 7 digit number
Long Distance             9 +1 + Area Code + 7 digit number
Toll Free                    9 + number
International                9 +011-Country Code + number (authorized users only)

How To - Access Voice mail

Voice mail is provided to all faculty, administrative staff and students. It is the responsibility of the voicemail box owner to initialize their mailbox when it is assigned and to keep it secure by not sharing the password. Voice mail passwords are to be kept confidential. If a password is suspected of being compromised, it should be changes immediately.

To access the Octel voice mail system, dial the main voice mail number and follow the system prompts. An Octel voice mail instruction pamphlet and wallet card will be provided with your new user information package.

Voice Mail Telephone Numbers:

On campus - 79999
Off campus - 203-837-9999

How To: Initialize Your Voice Mail Box

Mailbox initialization consists of recording the mailbox owner’s name and changing the default password.  A system tutorial steps a new user through the set-up process.

How To - Report a Problem

All telephone, voice mail or dial-line problems should be reported to the CSU Customer Support Center. They can be reached by dialing 611 from any campus telephone or 860-493-0123 rom off-campus.  Support Center hours are Mon-Fri, 8:30 A.M – 4:30 P.M. A voicemail box is available for reporting problems during non-business hours.

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