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How to Install Adobe Cloud Apps on a Chromebook

  1.  Open the Google play store from the shelf:

2.  In the Search for apps & games box type Adobe Creative Cloud and press Enter:

3.  The Adobe Creative Cloud application will appear with a green Install button.  Go ahead and clock that Install button:

4.  When installation is complete, click the Open button:

5.  On the “Welcome to Creative Cloud” screen, click “Continue with Adobe ID”:

6.  On the “Sign in” screen, enter your full WCSU email address and click Continue:

7.  When prompted for your password, enter your WCSU email password and click sign in:

8.  Choose your preference on the “Stay signed in?” screen.

9.  You are now logged into Creative Cloud:

10.  To install more Adobe Creative Suite apps, click the icon in the upper right hand corner and then click “More Apps” on the lower left hand menu:

11.  Click the Install button next to any of the available applications that you’d like to install:

12.  Click Install one more time:

Updated on April 15, 2020

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