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How to Install Office 365 Applications on a Chromebook

  1.  Launch the Google Play Store on your Chromebook:

2.  In the Search for apps & games box, type Microsoft Word and press enter:

3.  This will bring you to the Microsoft Word: Write, Edit & Share Docs on the Go screen.  Click the green Install button:

4.  When install is complete, click the green Open button:

5.  When prompted to allow Word to access photos, media, and files, Click Allow:

6.  After Microsoft Word is done going through a setting up for first time process, you will be brought to a sign in window.  Enter your full WCSU email address and click the arrow to the right:

7.  When prompted for a little more help, choose “Work or School Account”:

8.  When prompted for your password, enter your current email password.

9.  You are now ready to use Microsoft Word on your Chromebook.

How to make Microsoft Word the Default Document Editor

  1.  Using the Google Chrome browser, download a Word document to your downloads folder.
  2. Now go into your downloads folder by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner and clicking “Downloads”:

3.  Locate the downloaded document and click “Show in folder”:

4.  From here you want to make sure the document is highlighted.  If it isn’t go ahead and left click it one time.  This will bring up the OPEN dialogue:

5.  Click the arrow to the right of “OPEN” and choose “Change default”:

6.  Choose Word:

7.  If you click the down arrow next to “OPEN” once again, Word will now be the default:


How to find Microsoft Word on your Chromebook after Installation

  1.  Click the Launcher button in the lower left hand corner:
  2. Click the Up arrow:
  3. Scroll through your various applications and click Word when you find it:

    NOTE:  Repeat process from step #1 for installation of other Office 365 applications including, but not limited to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint.


Updated on April 14, 2020

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