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Faculty/Staff: Migrating Files and Folders to OneDrive – Mac

This document demonstrates how to migrate files and folders to OneDrive using the desktop app. The H:\ drive is presented here as an example, but files from any network, removable, or local (Mac HD) drive can be used. The OneDrive app must be set up before completing the steps below. For more information, please see the document Faculty/Staff: OneDrive App Setup – Mac.

1. Click on the Go menu and then select “Connect to Server”.

2.  Type the path to your H:\ drive as shown below. Your own H:\ drive will have your own username in the path. Click “Connect” to connect to the drive.

Click “Connect” again at the confirmation prompt.

3.  When prompted, type in your password and click “Connect”.

4.  When the drive connects, it will immediately open. Select the files and folders  you want to copy and then drag them to the ‘OneDrive – WCSU’ link on the left.

5.  As soon as the files are copied to the OneDrive folder, they will immediately start syncing up to your cloud storage. Click on the ‘OneDrive – WCSU’ link. Files that still need to be synced to cloud storage will show blue icons on them:

When an item is done syncing, it will show a green checkmark:

When all the files are synced, the OneDrive icon in the menu bar will appear solid black:

How the OneDrive App Works

The OneDrive App allows you to work with your files directly while creating an
instantaneous backup on cloud storage. It allows you to save files directly from your applications to OneDrive without copying the file manually to cloud storage through the Office 365 web portal.
      Any change, addition, or deletion of files to the OneDrive folder on your computer are automatically synced to cloud storage. This also works in the opposite direction; any change made on cloud storage from another computer, directly through the Office 365 web portal, or within the web-based Office apps will automatically download and sync to your OneDrive folder.  If your computer is turned off or logged out at the time of these changes, your changes will sync whenever you turn your computer back on and log in to use it.

WCSU Password Changes and OneDrive

When your WCSU password changes, OneDrive will stop syncing and prompt you for your password. Enter in your new password and OneDrive will resume syncing your files.

Need Assistance?

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the ITI Service Desk at 203-837- 8467 or RequestIT@wcsu.edu.

Updated on April 12, 2019

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