How do I access network storage through Macintosh OS X?

The H and K drives are now available to campus Macintosh users by an automatic means. If your machine is currently running version 4 of our system image these shares will appear automatically. You may determine what image your machine is running by looking at the name of your hard drive as shown below. If you machine is currently running an older version of the software you may contact the help desk (x78467) to request that you be upgraded to the newest version, however all users are scheduled to receive an upgrade soon.

Users that have had the different drives available by other means (Older system images v3 and below) may experience login problems due to their logon scripts being out of date. Please contact the help desk (x78467) to report this issue and it will be addressed.

Finding Connected Drives

Connected drives will appear with the names as shown below,  and will appear in the side bar below your hard drive as mounted volumes.

H: Drive -> "<Username>$"


H: Drive -> "faculty$" (then look for your username in that folder)

K: Drive -> "COMMON$"

N: Drive -> "CLASS"

X: Drive -> "XFER$"

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