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How do I use remote access from home – (network drives)?

Go to https://remote.wcsu.edu/ to access files remotely. You will have to use your university credentials to log-in.

Once logged-in to Western’s Remote Access you will come to the main page, called the files page. This page lists Network Drive Bookmarks that you are authorized to access through Western’s Remote Access.

To Open a Drive on Remote Access:

  • Click on the drive letter link. A listing of all the files and folders contained in that drive will be displayed.





To Open a File or a Folder from Remote Access

  • Click on the appropriate file or folder name.











To Download a File from Remote Access to your computer

1) Select the check box next to the file or folder and click Download












2) Name the document and click Download. Note that files larger than 2 GB will be not be downloaded.





3) Repeat above mentioned steps to download additional documents.

To Upload a File to a Folder to your University Network Drive(s) using Remote Access

A) Choose the drive you wish to upload to.





B) Click the ‘Upload Files’ button.









C) Click Choose File to navigate to the file which you wish to upload (You may upload up to five files at the same time). Click Upload to upload your files.










D) Upload Status box will appear. This box will give you a status bar for the upload progress. Press close when the progress bar reads “done






E) Repeat above steps to upload additional documents.

To Create a New Folder in Remote Access

A) Choose the drive in which you want to create a new folder.





B) Click the New Folder button







C) Type a name for the folder and click the Create Folder button





To Delete a File or Folder from Remote Access

A) Select the check box next to the file you want to delete and then click Delete.




B) A screen will appear with the document or folder name and ask you to either select Yes or Cancel.







Note: In order to work on a folder you must download the file to your desktop. You must then upload the file(s) back to the selected folder. Please make sure you have saved any changes from the download process before you upload.

Logging Off of Remote Access::

To conclude your Western Remote Access session, click ‘Sign Out’ or “End Session” in the upper right hand corner of the Western Remote Access page.





If you have any questions or you wish to report any problems you may be experiencing with Western Remote Access, please contact the IT&I Service Desk at 203-837-8467 or requestIT@wcsu.edu

Updated on April 7, 2020

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