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How do I map a drive on Macintosh OS X?

To map a drive on a Mac, make sure your device is connected to the WCSU network on-campus and follow these instructions:

1. From the Finder, click on the Go Menu and select Connect to Server










2. Below are the different options for network drive paths. Copy the network drive path you wish to map; for example if you want to access the X drive copy smb://w-xdrive/xfer$

a. K: Drive: smb://w-common/common$

b. X: Drive: smb://w-xdrive/xfer$

c. N: Drive: smb://w-class/class

3. Paste the network drive path in the box below Server Address then add the drive to favorites by clicking the + icon







4. Double-click on drive in favorites to connect.







5. Type in your university credentials when prompted.








If you need assistance contact the IT&I Service Desk at 203-837-8467 or requestIT@wcsu.edu.



Updated on July 13, 2022

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