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Wireless device connection policy

Wireless Device Connection Policy

All devices connected to the WCSU network are required to adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy. Devices must be registered under the user’s account and be current on all software updates and anti-virus solutions. Users are also required to follow all WCSU & CSCU policies and applicable laws during their use. IT may, without notification, prevent or ban any personally owned device which disrupts any Information Technology & Innovation resource or are used in a manner which violates any University policy or applicable laws.

Devices allowed to be registered on WCSU’s Student & BYOD network:

  • Laptops (Windows, Apple and Chrome)
  • Tablets (IOS and Android)
  • Mobile phones (IOS and android)
  • Gaming Consoles (PlayStation & Xbox)
  • Streaming Devices (Smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku TV, Amazon FireStick)
  • Smart Watches (Apple & others)

Note- Devices that require a peer-to-peer internet connection are not supported on our network.

Any other devices or uses will require an exception be submitted to IT&I for vetting & security review. Some requests may also involve receiving permission from other overlapping departments if the use conflicts with other existing WCSU provided services or platforms.

Updated on June 8, 2023

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