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Faculty: What is Blackboard Learn?

Western currently uses Blackboard Learn, commonly referred to as Blackboard, as its E-Learning course management system. It’s primary usage allows faculty to supplement their on-ground courses with online components. It can also be used for online class facilitation. With a standard Web browser, students and instructors can log in from anywhere in the world to access their class materials and interact with one another.

Blackboard Learn includes a virtual course environment built to support different teaching styles and learning needs. Not only is it designed to provide the tools for faculty to prepare, deliver, and manage their courses, but it can be used as an ‘Organization’  (similar to a Blackboard course) for use by non-academic community groups. Organizations provide a collection of web-based tools, making it easy for group members to participate in online activities.

You can log onto Blackboard Learn using your current faculty credentials here:  https://wcsu.blackboard.com/

For more information on how to access Blackboard Learn please visit the following link: https://support.wcsu.edu/?ht_kb=students-how-do-i-access-my-courses-on-blackboard



Updated on July 6, 2022

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