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How to Install and Login to Cisco Jabber (Windows)

Note: Cisco Jabber will NOT work if you are connected to any WCSU wireless network.

  • Click here to download the Windows Cisco Jabber Installation file
  • Place a checkmark beside the zip file and click download:

  • When finished downloading, click on zip file┬áto open the zip file:

  • When zip file opens, choose “Extract All”:

  • Keep default save path and keep the checkmark in place and choose “Extract”:

  • Double-Click into the Jabber Install folder that appears:

  • Double-Click the CiscoJabberSetup.msi file to begin installation:

  • One the Welcome Screen, click “Accept and Install”:


  • If you are asked for Cisco Jabber to “make changes to your device,” click “Yes”

  • Click “Finish”

  • Enter your WCSU username (e.g. SmithJ) when presented with the following screen, then click “Continue”:

  • Enter your WCSU email password for your password
  • For an overview of Cisco Jabber, please click here


Updated on June 15, 2022

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