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How to Open a SPSS file through SPSS on Citrix (Chromebook)

First make sure you have the Citrix app downloaded on your your Chromebook.

You can follow the instructions on this link to install Citrix on your Chromebook:  Citrix Install for Chromebooks

The next thing you need to do is either save your SPSS file to your Chromebook Download folder or save it to the X drive.

You can upload the file to the X drive by using remote.wcsu.edu from a google chrome browser.

Once you have your file on your chromebook that you need to open in SPSS, load citrix.

Once Citrix is up, Choose SPSS from the APPS listing:

Once SPSS is open, exit the welcome screen:

Go to File, Open, and Data (or what your professor said to choose):

If you receive the below prompt, Choose Full Access, Checkmark Do not ask again, and click OK:

In the open data prompt, click the drop down arrow next to documents in “Look In” and choose Local Disk (C: on “name of  your chromebook”)

Now double-click on Download:

Choose “All files” by files of type, and then choose the SPSS file that you saved to your Download folder:

If you instead uploaded the file to the X drive, you can get to the X drive by doing file, open, and scrolling down to the X drive and the location where you saved it:

You can also save back to the X drive by choose the X drive when saving.

Updated on September 25, 2020

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