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How to Open a SPSS file through SPSS on Citrix (Mac)

First thing you need to do is either save the file to your Mac desktop or save it to the X drive.

You can upload the file to the X drive by using remote.wcsu.edu from a google chrome browser.

Once you have your file on your desktop that you need to open in SPSS, load citrix.

Using the Google chrome browser, go to https://citrix.wcsu.edu and launch SPSS:

Once SPSS is open, exit the welcome screen:

Go to File, Open, and Data (or what your professor said to choose):

If you get this prompt, choose “Read + write:

In the open data prompt, click the drop down arrow next to documents in “Look In” and choose, below Downloads, Local Disk (C: on “name of  your mac”):

Now double-click on Users:

Double-click your username on your mac:

Double-click desktop:

Choose “All files” by files of type, and then choose the SPSS file that you saved to your mac desktop:

If you instead uploaded the file to the X drive, you can get to the X drive by doing file, open, and scrolling down to the X drive and the location where you saved it:

When you save your file, you would save it in similar fashion back to your desktop or to the X drive.

Updated on September 24, 2020

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