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Students: Where can I get free or discounted software?

The easiest way to download a copy of the Microsoft Office Suite:

  • You can download Microsoft Office Suite free via your email. Just login to your student email and look up the top left corner for the waffle icon to the left of the university’s logo.

  • Click Office 365 to open the next menu.


  • This will bring you to the Office 365 portal where you will find Microsoft Office applications used through the web and a download / install link for the offline version of Microsoft Office.

Need help? Read about it or watch a video: https://support.office.com/en-US/article/Video-Install-Office-on-your-PC-or-Mac-for-Office-365-for-business-b7071ece-237d-4f84-a67d-d8cf1d1f2e60

All undergraduate and graduate students, full-time or part-time, can download other Microsoft software through the WCSU Student Software Download Portal.

  • Additional software from Microsoft, Adobe, and other vendors is available at academic pricing.

Special Note: All product keys expire after 30 days; please keep a copy in a secure place in case you ever need to re-install your programs. WCSU does not keep any of your key information.

You will need:

  • A valid WCSU User Account username and password.
  • Sign a form acknowledging terms, conditions and receipt.
  • Receive your software!


It’s that easy! Another way your technology fee is working for you!

Updated on April 5, 2022

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