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Top Things You Should Know About IT As A Student Attending WCSU

1. Receiving your WCSU User Account:

New students will receive an email with instructions on how to setup their WCSU User Account via the email address that was provided to admissions by 2PM the day that they were admitted to the University. This account will grant access to your Student Banner Account and WCSU email.  Once you register for classes, your account will then give you access to Student Wireless Networks, Student Lab Computers, and Blackboard.

Note: It can take up to one hour after newly registering for classes for you to recieve your WCSU User Account credentials email message.  If you are not registered for classes, your account will not get you access to Blackboard, Wireless networks, or local computer login on campus.

After receiving your account credentials, you will need to follow the instructions for setting up a new password. Strong passwords are at least 8 characters long and contain a mixture of lower and upper case letters, numbers, and symbols. Be sure to keep your password secure as it grants you access to sensitive student information.

If you have your account and have not set it up yet, please follow the information in this article to complete setup:  New Students: Set-Up Your WCSU Account

Note: You must be admitted to WCSU before an account can be created for you. If you are not admitted yet, please contact the office of admissions (203-837-9000).

Once you have your Western account created, you can reset your password at https://wcsu.edu/password at any time.

2.  What is my University ID number?

Your WCSU University ID also known as your Banner ID is a unique 8-digit number beginning with a “5” and is used to uniquely identify you at the university.

3.  Essentials Home Tab

The Essentials home tab is the easiest way to locate all the necessary web applications you will be using as a student. Under the essentials tab you will find shortcuts to Bannerweb, Blackboard, the libraries database, the schools phone directory and more. The essentials tab can be found on top right corner of our main page wcsu.edu as seen below:

4. WCSU Email

To access your email, you must first obtain your WCSU User Account account credentials.

To access your WCSU Email, go to wcsu.edu, click on the essentials tab located in the upper right-hand corner, then select “email”. Alternatively, go to http://mail.wcsu.edu.

Please note that students have the extension “@wcsu.edu” after their username. For example, if your username is smith123 your email will be  smith123@wcsu.edu

5. How do I set up my email account on my mobile device?

You can connect to your email on a phone or tablet. When you set up an account on your device, you’ll be able to access and synchronize your email, calendar, and contacts.

Please visit WCSU’s support site for instructions on how to set up your email account on a mobile device, here: https://support.wcsu.edu/?ht_kb=how-do-i-set-up-my-email-account-on-my-mobile-device

6. E-Learning (Blackboard Learn):

Blackboard Learn allows students to access academic materials online for their courses. With Blackboard, it is possible for instructors to provide the following online: assessments, assignments, chat and whiteboard, discussions, content files, media libraries, syllabus, learning modules, URLs, course calendar, announcements, and course mail. Ask your professors if they will be using Blackboard Learn for your classes.

Log in to Blackboard Learn, https://wcsu.blackboard.com/ using your WCSU User Account Username and Password.

Note:  You will not be able to log into Blackboard Learn until you are register for at least one class.

7.  Banner Self Service (University Enterprise System)

Banner Self Serve allows students to self-register for classes, query Financial Aid information, make payments, view your academic transcript and much more. In order to access Banner Self-Serve, students need a Western username and password. Students can access Banner from any computer, on or off campus, that has Internet access.

8.  OneDrive

Information Technology & Innovation offers network file storage for all current Western students, faculty, and staff to save their documents and data. When your Western Account is created, your OneDrive is automatically generated.

Learn more about accessing OneDrive here:  OneDrive Access Information

9.  Citrix App

Citrix Workspace App enables secure, remote access to Windows applications that are used at the university and in many classes.

Follow this article to access Citrix for Windows: Access Citrix Through Windows Computers

Follow this link to access Citrix for Mac: Access Citrix on Apple Mac computers

10.  Remote Access

Information Technology & Innovation has implemented a Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows students to connect to authorized network drives that may be needed for classes (such as the X drive) remotely.

You can learn more about Remote Access here: Accessing Network Drive Remotely

11.  Wireless Printing

You must have a Western Account and a wireless-compatible device. Western has wireless access points in all buildings, including Residence Halls.

For more information on how to print wirelessly please click on the following link: https://support.wcsu.edu/?ht_kb=how-do-i-print-to-a-printer-on-campus-from-my-personal-computer-or-mobile-device

12. Where are WCSU’s Computer Labs?

WCSU has staffed computer labs on its Midtown and on its Westside Campus, as well as multiple computer study rooms located on both campuses.

The main staffed computer labs, are listed below:

The Midtown Computer Center (MTCC) located in the Midtown Haas Library (HAAS) on the 1st Floor
The Student Technology Training Center (STTC) located in the Midtown Student Center (SC) in room 225
The Westside Computer Center (WSCC) located in the Westside Classroom Building (WS) in room 117

Computer Center 125 (CC125) located in the Westside Campus Center (WS) in room 125

To learn more about our computer labs, click this link:  http://www.wcsu.edu/iti/computers/

13. How can I receive technology help from IT&I?

The WCSU IT&I Main Office and the WCSU IT&I Service Desk are located in the Midtown Old Main (OM) building on the 3rd floor, room 303.

The IT&I Service Desk can be contacted by emailing requestIT@wcsu.edu, and by phone at 203-837-8467. Emailing the IT&I Service Desk or creating an incident directly in our ticketing system, here:  https://wcsu.samanage.com, are the fastest ways to receive help as an email or direct incident submission will automatically create an incident work order for you that will be reviewed by IT&I Service Desk staff. The IT&I Service Desk is open Monday – Thursday from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, and Fridays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm during Spring and Fall Semesters while classes are in session and Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm over the seasonal breaks.

The WCSU IT&I Main Office can be reached by phone at 203-837-8307, and walk-ins are always welcome. The IT&I Main Office is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm all year long.

The IT&I Main Office and IT&I Service Desk are closed on Holidays and with weather related cancellations.

WCSU IT&I does not offer technical support for personally owned computers and software.

To learn more about the service desk portal, please go here: https://support.wcsu.edu/?ht_kb=students-getting-started-with-the-service-desk-portal

14. Can I get Free Software as a student at WCSU?

Yes! Just go to https://support.wcsu.edu/?ht_kb=students-where-can-i-get-free-software to learn more.

You can download the Microsoft Office Suite using your WCSU student email account.  Simply go to the below site and use your full WCSU email address for your username.  For example: username123@wcsu.edu would be a fully qualified username.

Need help? Read about it or watch a video: https://support.office.com/en-US/article/Video-Install-Office-on-your-PC-or-Mac-for-Office-365-for-business-b7071ece-237d-4f84-a67d-d8cf1d1f2e60

15. How do I connect my Xbox or PlayStation (or any personal device) to WCSU’s network?

First, try either connecting your gaming console wirelessly to the Western-Student wireless network or by connecting a network cable from your console to the data jack in your residence hall.

If you are unsuccessful, try registering your MAC address by following the steps here:  Register Xbox or Playstation

A device will have two different MAC addresses, one for a wireless connection and one for a wired connection. Both can be found within the settings or properties of the device and there are multiple online walkthroughs that can help you find the MAC address on whatever device you’re trying to use. Just search, “How do I find my device’s MAC address?” in any web browser, specifying what kind of device it is (i.e. an Xbox, camera, etc.) Be sure to provide the correct MAC address in your email request whether you are requesting wireless or wired access.

If you still experiencing issues, just create a work order with the IT&I Service Desk using the following links:

  • Click the following link if you are having difficulty getting your console working on the WCSU wireless network:  Student Wifi not working
  • Click the following link if you are having difficulty getting your console working on the WCSU wired LAN using the ethernet jack in your room:  Student Wired Dataport/Jack not Working

16. How do I use WCSU’s Wi-Fi Networks?

WCSU provides free Wi-Fi to all students on campus.

There are three main wireless networks: Western, Western-Student, Western-BYOD.

Students should choose the Western-Student Wireless network.

In order to connect to the Western-Student network, you must login in using your WCSU Username and Password. In order to reach the login portal, connect your device to the Western-Student network. Depending on the device, device operating system, and device browser, the login portal may automatically appear once you have connected to the network or you may need to open a browser and type in wcsu.edu in the web address bar and press Enter to manually prompt the portal’s activation. Once you have reached the login portal, simply input your student credentials and click login.

If you experience issues reaching the login portal or connecting to either network, please open a work order with the IT&I Service Desk by clicking on the following link:  Student Wifi not Working

Students will need to login through the portal every time they wish to connect to the Western Wireless Network. The first time you login to the Western-Student Network, you will be required to register your device after the authentication process is completed. Once you register your device, you are set.

If you would like more information, check out the link on WCSU’s support site: How to register my device to the Western Wireless Network.

17. How do I reset my password?

Students can go to wcsu.edu/password to reset their password. Simply provide your WCSU email address and follow the recovery options to reset your password. Be aware that student passwords automatically expire every 90 days for security purposes and students will automatically be prompted to change their password when they attempt to login to a University Computer after their password is automatically expired.

Otherwise, a student can simply use the method above to reset their password anytime.

18. How do I manage my WESTCONNect Card for CONNect Cash, Meal Plans, and ConnectPrint?

Your WESTCONNect I.D. Card has multiple uses. You can add funds to your WESTCONNect Card to use for on and off campus purchases. The card can also be used to manage your student meal plans and printing from the on-campus printers.

To manage these funds and plans, go to https://csgold.wcsu.edu/login/ldap.php

After signing in with your WCSU email address and Password, and agreeing to the terms of usage, you can add funds to your WESTCONNect Card, manage Meals plans, and view your ConnectPrint usage.

Incoming students may upload a photo for their WESTCONNect ID card. A validating ID document is also required. New student must also create a 4-digit Door security PIN. For more information, please visit :


Updated on April 23, 2024

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